The MedOANet Final European Conference, 17-18 October @EKT in Athens, Greece

September 23, 2013

The MedOANet European Conference will take place at the National Documentation Centre / National Hellenic Research Foundation in Athens, Greece, from 17 to 18 October 2013 during the International Open Access Conference.

The final conference of MedOANet will serve to present the results of the project, placing them in the wider European perspectives on Open Access policies, and providing a forum for the current debate on Open Access policy implementation practices within the EU. Specifically, the final conference will focus on best practices in policy implementation among research funders and research performing institutions, as well as a discussion regarding the role of open access within the European Research Area. Speakers include representatives of the European Commission and important stakeholders involved in the implementation of the European Research Area such as the European University Association, the League of European Research Universities and Science Europe.

The program of the International Open Access Conference @ EKT includes presentations by renowned experts and representatives from the areas of research and Open Access. The conference is of special interest for institutions that are involved in research policy and research performing institutions.

Máire Geoghegan-Quinn, Commissioner for Research, Innovation and Science will address a video taped opening message to the Conference.

The full program of the Conference can be found online here:

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